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The first company bearing the name White Star Line was founded in Liverpool, England, by John Pilkington and Henry Wilson in. The following is a list of ships operated by the White Star Line. Contents. 1 – ; 2 List of White Star Line ships . Views. Read · Edit · View history. In , Thomas Ismay purchased the bankrupt White Star Line shipping company. Ismay decided to focus on providing shipping services in.

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Everyone knows that White Star Line, the owner of the RMS Titanic, was a British Company. Fewer are aware that White Star was owned by an. The White Star Shipping Line was founded in to take advantage of an In the company was bought by wealthy American, J Pierpoint Morgan. White Star Line: Britannic: transatlantic luxury liners for the White Star Line. The class, which history of ships. Passenger who was chairman of the White Star Line and who survived the sinking of the company's ship Titanic in

The White Star Line was a successful shipping company that was the director of the National Line, bought the White Star Line's house flag. The company that owned White Star was declared bankrupt in In , the British government agreed to provide assistance to both. White Star Line / Oceanic Steamship Company / White Star Line of Went into liquidation in and bought out by Thomas Ismay who.

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The Oceanic Steam Navigation Company or White Star Line of Boston Packets, For the rest of the nineteenth century the White Star Line would own such. The most important shipping event in North Atlantic history was the creation of the International Mercantile Marine company (IMM) in The master of the Titanic was the commodore of the White Star Line, Captain. The RMS Tayleur was the flagship of the fledgling White Star Line. the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, owned by Bruce Ismay's father. Titanic was owned and operated by the White Star Line, but two high profile inquiries found the company was not to blame for the disaster. hi i was wondering if cunard bought the white star line what year did this During the depression of the early thirties, both companies were. A brief history of the White Star Line, the company that owned Titanic, Olympic and many other great ships. The reluctant pairing of the two greatest British shipping companies was White Star Line faced a total collapse as investigation into their own. History. Early history. White Star Line flag. The first company bearing the name White Star Line was founded in Liverpool, England, by John Pilkington and Henry. mista.me: History of the White Star Line (): Robin Gardiner: Books. Even after the Titanic tragedy, the Liverpool-based company continued . The White Star Line, the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company was, from until , a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Mercantile Marine.