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According to a study by Eastern Michigan University, mortality rates for professional wrestlers are up to times greater than the rate for men in the wider United. A list of (mostly) famous wrestlers who have passed away. Sort by: List Order Longtime professional wrestler Dr. Death Steve Williams. The #1 Dead Wrestlers and WWE Deaths tribute site! Features a full list of dead wrestlers, photos, videos and causes of death.

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Full list of Dead Wrestlers. is the #1 Dead Wrestlers and WWE Deaths tribute site! Includes photos, videos, and causes of death. Death is a sad inevitability of life, and the unceasing march of time names from the world of pro wrestling tragically pass on prematurely. Unlike any other athletes or sports entertainers, professional wrestlers are more prone to die before the age of For whatever reason (the abuse of their.

Professional wrestling is a dangerous job, and it's not uncommon for wrestlers to pass away before their time. For some of them, the end comes before they even. There is much debate about how much effect steroid use has on the premature deaths of professional wrestlers. As this list will be updated with causes of death, . Wrestlers participate in a very demanding sport, and many have died too young. While some of their stories are known only in the wrestling.

Due to a variety of factors, professional wrestlers die young at an alarming rate. Here are a sad list and an exploration of possible reasons. Category deaths · Category deaths · Category deaths · Category deaths · Category deaths · Category deaths · Category The risks involved in professional wrestling are real and there have been a number of injuries suffered by these athletes. Unfortunately, there.

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Several notable professional wrestlers passed away this past year. Dead Wrestlers tribute site. Comprehensive list of deceased wrestlers with pics, videos, cause of death and more. WWE,ECW,TNA,WWF. Dead Wrestlers. Former WWE wrestler, Ashley Massaro has died. She was According to multiple reports, the athlete was transported to her home in Suffolk. Fans and fellow wrestlers have been paying tribute, as Ashley died after being taken to hospital. We are saddened to learn of the tragic death of former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro, World Wrestling Entertainment tweeted Thursday. Wrestler Silver King suffers heart attack and dies in ring during wrestling Luke Perry's Son Destroys David Arquette In Pro Wrestling Event. While the deaths of pro wrestlers, young and old, sadden us all, select few stick with us for years and years. Some deaths barely faze us, others change the. At the start of the century, many people noticed that, when it comes to early deaths, professional wrestlers were at the very top. So many of them die before. Ashley Massaro, a former WWE wrestler and reality TV contestent, has died, the WWE said Thursday. She was The cause of death is not yet. They're also higher than those for athletes in other sports - but why do so many professional wrestlers seem to be cursed with dying young.