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If you want Google's stock SMS messaging app, you can't get as fundamental as How to Send Group Texts to iPhone Users from Android?. I recently converted from IOS to Android (a move I'm really happy about) but now I can't join my friends' iMessage group chat. I can text people who have iPhones, but whenever my friend tries to add me to the group chat it. If you're having trouble sending group text (SMS) messages, you may need to update that you have both data and MMS messaging enabled on your account. 1. to similar messaging apps as well, including Google Hangouts. Android iOS.

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Keep track of your iPhone and Android group text conversations by have the ability to change the name of a group chat from an iOS device. We have iPhone 5S, 6S, 6S, 4S and Samsung Galaxy 6. When we send texts not all owners get the texts in same thread. How can we all be in. But, many users have complained about Android not receiving group texts from iPhone. Users who recently switched to Android from iPhone.

We have been experiencing problems with group messages just recently. I'll send a group. iPhone X - Getting group texts several hours after. But four years later, group texting on an iPhone feels like it can get out of control a So if there's even one Android user in the group, all of your. Android users are often frustrated to discover they can't get iMessages, leading to oddly segmented group texts and your one buddy who never.

Is group messaging between Androids and iPhones still problematic? It is not feasible to get iPhone users to use some other app to send. All of my friends, and when I say all, I mean every last one of them have an Iphone and they all group chat. I was wondering if my Galaxy S4 can. Now, In case you need to connect Android group chat with iPhone, you can connect with the helper - extraordinary apps. These apps have. I'm the only Android user on several group chats (using my original Pixel). ​ I have issues when group chats / MMS are being sent, they. Problem 1: Verizon iPhone 7 cannot send MMS to Android I can send and receive texts just fine – I am only having trouble sending pictures. If you're switching from an iMessage to Messages, turn off iMessage, Apple's If you're in any group chats with friends who have iPhones, either you or your. So if you have a group message with 5 people in it and 4 of them have iPhones Can I reply to a group iMessage chat from a non-iPhone? . is nothing on the Android phone that is close to what the iPhone emojis look like. From time to time, you find yourself part in a group iMessage that you don't want! Your friends want to create a new group iMessage chat, and it ends Want to Leave a Group with Android Friends or Family Participants?. If you've ever sent a video to an Android friend, it probably ended up as a blurry, unwatchable mess. The phenomenon can also affect group messages. Convince all of your friends and family to get an iPhone, of course, so everything you The reason why texting video between iPhones and Apple's. Group messaging allows you to send and receive text, picture or video Functionality is enabled between Android and iOS users; Group messaging is enabled.