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HMU is an online acronym for Hit Me Up. It's used to say contact me, text me, phone me, or some other version of reach me to follow up. Hit me up or (Text, hangout, call) me. Top definition H.m.u is short for Hit me up otherwise, I've got nothing to do you should invite me to do something with. In a one-on-one exchange, it's an invitation for continued contact, meaning “text me” or “call me” or simply “let's talk again.” Hmu can also stand for “hook me up,” .

what does hit me up mean

What does HMU mean on Instagram|Facebook - SlangWords. This acronym is used to say 'contact me', 'text me', 'phone me' or otherwise. If you want to do it again, HMU. My company is hiring! HMU if you or someone you know specializes in online marketing, especially through. Sometimes peoples use acronym DM or Direct Message. For instance, 'HMU when you're free for hangout' would mean 'Call or text me when you're free for.

Everyone is talking about HMU nowadays. Most people do not know what does HMU mean? HMU is an acronym which stands for hit me up. This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of HMU ( HMU acronym/abbreviation/slang word). Ever wondered what HMU means?. We went to Cool Mom Tech which has a list of 99 texting acronyms and phrases that HMU — Hit Me Up WDYM — What Do You Mean?.

What does HMU mean? Then we switched to email, which became texts. What it really means: This is an awkward text, so I'm going to. This acronym (short for “hit me up”) is used to say “contact me,” “text me,” “phone me” or otherwise “reach me to follow up on this.” It is a modern. HMU in text messages mean 'hit me up'. Hey I'm bored, hmu means 'hey i'm bored, text me or call me; let's do something. These examples will.

HMU Meaning: Hit Me Up. HMU Meaning | What does HMU mean online, in text, and on Facebook or. The hashtag HMU has been tagged to over million. If anyone tells you HMU, the person is saying you should contact him through any means. You could call him, text him, or shoot him an email. What does HMU mean? HMU is a quick way of saying “hit me up.” It's internet shorthand for telling someone to call you later or to establish. It is used to say 'text me' or 'ring/call me'. 'HMU' is mainly used while texting. Majority of the population use. Are you familiar with the made up chat lingo that's been circulating around every computer system? HMU meaning in texting is the same way of telling someone. HMU is an online acronym used for “Hit Me Up.” It is used to say “text me”, “ contact me”, “Phone Me” or you can also use it as “reach me to follow up on this. It has all those text languages with some you never heard before or you just don't know what they mean. I'm telling you this to help you get to. Just like other Slangs HMU being famous from last few years. People use it in many events on Social Media and in general texting. The Basic. The Meaning Of HMU. HMU is the online acronym for “Hit Me Up”. It is used to tell someone to contact you, whether it be via phone call, text, or on social media. Millions of People daily use Snapchat and share their images, memories with each other. Doing Chats is also a common think on Social media.