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On your Timeline click on Life Events above the status post box, select category, select sub-category, fill in information, add a photo if you want, set privacy and post. On mobile/desktop, just under your cover photo and the About / Photos. From your News Feed, click your name in the top left. Next to What's on your mind ? click Life Event. Select a category or create your own. Click Add Photos to. If you're new to Facebook, you may want to expand your Timeline back past the day you joined. Life Events is a good way to think about what you want to add in.

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This wikiHow teaches you how to add a life event to your Facebook profile Explore this Article On Mobile On Desktop Questions & Answers. COMING SOON; Why Mobile Programmatic Will Be Really Different in Facebook: Here's How to Add a Life Event to a News Feed Post Facebook's Life Event feature allows users to highlight major events in their. How to Add a Life Event to Your Facebook Timeline (and Why You Should) In a later update, Facebook conjointly brought in Timeline Apps.

Facebook takes the term 'Life Event' quite literally, it allows you to add For example, if you get married, it is considered a 'Life Event', and Facebook allows you to add this □Tap the Menu button to go to the apps lists. Facebook redesigned its Life Events feature to make your big moments even more special. Learn how to add animation, change the event icon. Facebook life event is quite cool and everyone needs to have it. If you want people to see what's happening live where you are or in any event.

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Life events on Facebook are a way to share, celebrate and come Make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app installed to try it. Michael Miller goes beyond the basics to show you how to add important life events to your Timeline, and fill in your pre-Facebook history. Facebook is updating its 'Life Events' listings with new, interactive First, you'll now be able to add photos or videos to a Life Event - and if you. Facebook life events will have their own section on the social The revamped life events feature is now available globally in the Facebook mobile app dunked them and even put them through the wash to find out which. Facebook is becoming such a huge, complicated website that it's really To add a life event, head to the status update box at the top of your. Big milestones deserve big announcements, which is why Facebook is giving its Life Events feature a revamp. Previously, when you added a. Facebook Events (app). +2 How do I edit How can I hide life events on Facebook? What are some ways to add a life event on Facebook?. Facebook Timeline > create Life Event ​ Open In AppSign In. Facebook (product). How do I. In the list of my most frequently used apps, I find myself active daily on Instagram much more I use Facebook, pretty much the way Facebook wants me to. The idea behind it is to add “Life Events” directly from Instagram. One of the new features in “Life Events” is the option to add pictures or videos to the post. Facebook will also be adding a bunch of stock images that you can a snazzy update to the way the platform looks on its mobile app.